License and Terms

Terms of Use

NDS is a free service. By using NDS, in addition to respecting the original dataset licenses, you agree that the data suggested to you by NDS will not be used in offensive or non-ethical A.I. applications. Our dataset experts are neural networks trained on subsets of the datasets. Using the experts themselves for commercial applications is strictly forbidden. You are required to license the data from original dataset providers.

If you are using NDS for commercial applications and find NDS useful, please consider making a sponsorship by emailing nds@cs.toronto.edu

License Agreement

We do not host datasets. In NDS we provide IDs to examples from existing datasets. Below each dataset we provide the license information. Please contact each dataset’s original provider for any questions/licensing.

Please respect the licenses from each dataset in our Dataset Registry. We make no warranties regarding the license status of images in each dataset and you should verify the license for each image yourself.